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Post Adapter for SUP / Kayak Trailer

Regular price $20.00

Our SUP / Kayak trailer features a tool free hitch that clamps to any conventional bicycle seatpost.  But bikes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes the seatpost isn't a good option for the hitch.  For those cases, we have this adapter that can be used to replicate a post attachment further back on the bike.  

This item is just the adapter component itself, it can be clamped to any of our rear rack or moped rack surfboard mounts.  This gives you the ability to mount to a conventional rear rack, a rear cargo deck, or a tubular rear frame, just by selecting the right surf rack mount for that application.  We have included photos below that show the adapter in a few typical mounting configurations on rear surf rack mounts.

If you are unsure of your application and what parts you need, please take a picture of the back of your bike and email it to us, we'll be happy to help you identify the right hardware to get your setup dialed in.


Do you have a unique application that requires a custom solution? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help you create the perfect set up for your needs.

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