Head Tube Mount ( U-Bolt Not Included )

Product image 1Head Tube Mount ( U-Bolt Not Included )
Product image 2Head Tube Mount ( U-Bolt Not Included )
Product image 3Head Tube Mount ( U-Bolt Not Included )

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Longboard Rack Head Tube Mount, minus the U Bolt (so you can pick the right size).  Includes the components shown in the photo.

Find the U Bolts in the Parts and Accessories section of the site, and add both this kit and the necessary size U-Bolt to the cart to comprise a full Head Tube Mount. 

Small U-Bolt:  fits tubes up to 1.4" / 35mm Diameter

Medium U-Bolt: fits tubes up to 1.8" / 45mm Diameter

Large U-Bolt: fits tubes up to 1.8" /45mm Diameter and the U bolt can handle up to a 6" / 150mm distance from the front of the head tube to the notch of weld when top and down tubes are welded together

For larger diameters, the Large U Bolt can be reshaped into a variety of sizes.  We have installed successfully on up to 2.4" / 60mm diameter tubes with some creative shaping of the U Bolt.  The U Bolt itself is stainless steel, so it can be clamped in a bench vise and reshaped without damaging the finish. 


U Bolts are M6x1.0mm thread.  Need something larger?  M6x1.0mm threaded rod is readily available and can be used to make your own longer U bolt, or use M6x1.0 thread couplers to cut and reassemble the standard U Bolts.

Do you have a unique application that requires a custom solution? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help you create the perfect set up for your needs.



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