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Longboard Rack Mounting Set (All 3 Mounts)

Regular price $75.00

Bike got stolen or want to have mounts on two bikes? This is the full set of mounting hardware that comes with a full longboard rack.

 Note that Longboard Rack sets are now shipping with our updated V2 head tube mount hardware, that fits head tubes from 1" in diameter all the way up to 2.4" in diameter (legacy hardware fits up to 1.8" head tubes)

The Seatpost clamp block is now V2, which can be mounted to a seatpost OR be reconfigured to fit a horizontal frame tube such as you would find on a Super 73 or RadRunner type bike.  Seatpost clamp range is 25-34mm.

Do you have a unique application that requires a custom solution? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help you create the perfect set up for your needs.



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