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Front Mount Adapters

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E-Bike Manufacturers are putting all sorts of custom mounting bosses on the front of their frames.  Many of them offer M6 bosses facing forward, which allow you to direct bolt a front mount right to the frame.  Our E-Bike kit is configured for these bikes, and no adapters are needed.

But other bikes have mounts with smaller 5mm bolts, or side facing mounting bosses.  For these bikes we offer adapters that allow you to mount your front surf rack to the front of your frame.  So far we have an adapter for Velotric bikes, Lectric bikes with M5 bosses (no adapter needed for Lectric bikes with M6 bosses), and Flyer bikes which have M5 bosses as well.  We recommend you email us a photo of the front of your bike before ordering an adapter, just so we can be sure you are getting one that will fit.  Also, let us know what you are trying to carry so we can be sure to recommend the right Surf Rack kit to use with the adapter (typically it will be the Longboard Rack kit if or the E-Bike kit).

And if you have another bike that you think needs an adapter, or you just aren't sure what you need, please reach out so we can get you a setup that will meet your needs.

Do you have a unique application that requires a custom solution? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help you create the perfect set up for your needs.

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