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MBB E-Bike Rack

Regular price $135.00

MBB E-Bike Racks from Moved By Bikes make it super easy for you to ride your bike to the beach with your surfboard.

All of our rack kits have applications on E-Bikes. This kit has been configured specifically for bikes with M6 mounting bosses at the front of the frame, like you see in the photos for this kit.

If your bike doesn’t have these bosses on the front, tapped for M6 bolts, then you should consider one of our other kits for your bike.

Stable Mounting

This kit offers stable frame mounting suitable for carrying longboards and shortboards. 

Leveraging the front frame bosses makes installation quick and easy, and the setup is adjustable so you can dial it in as needed. The rear bar is mounted to the rear cargo rack of the bike, with tube clamps included to fit all common sizes of rear racks. 

Quick Release Bars

This kit features the patented MBB quick release system for instant removal of the bars when not in use. Just push the button and pull them out, it’s that simple. To reinstall them, simply align the spline features and slide them back in until they click into place.

If your bike doesn't have the bosses on the front . . . 

If your bike doesn’t have these front bosses on the frame, be sure to check out our Longboard Racks as the closest alternative. If you just want to carry shortboards, check out our Shortboard Racks which mount to your seat post.  And if you want to mount both bars on your rear rack, check out our Moped Racks.

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