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Gnarly Padz Inflatable Board Retention (pair)

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ADD A SET OF GNARLY PADZ TO ANY SURFBOARD RACK PURCHASE FOR ONLY $38. Just add both items to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied.

Can't be bothered with bungee cords or straps? Gnarly Padz may be for you. They use a small air pouch to "squeeze" your board inside the cradles of the surf rack. Drop your board in and pump them up with a few squeezes of the bulbs, you're ready to go. Press the air release valve to deflate the pouches and remove your board.

We find that these work well with short boards and long boards but do not recommend them for larger/heavier boards or SUPs. For larger boards a proper strap or cord is necessary to stabilize the load of the board.

Gnarly Padz intends the air pouches to be on the inside of the cradle. We somewhat prefer putting them on the outside of the cradle near the eyelet. This pushes the board to the center of the bike for easier balance, and also protects the board from the metal eyelet at the end of the surf rack bars. But they work both ways and we're showing photos of both configurations here.

more details and videos at:

Do you have a unique application that requires a custom solution? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help you create the perfect set up for your needs.

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