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MBB Dog Runners

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The MBB Dog Runner gives you a safer way to ride your bike with your favorite pup.
The Runner features a sturdy seat post mounted bar that extends out from the bike and provides a leash directly above your dog's collar or harness.  This controls your dog's movement while they run alongside your bike.  The leash is spring loaded, and adjustable in both length and firmness to match puppies of all sizes and temperaments.
The combination of a solid attachment point below the rider's seat and the spring loaded leash provide maximum control for handling your dog's impulses, such as when they see a squirrel or another dog out on the trail.

The Dog Runner features the same patented quick release mechanism that you find in our MBB Surfboard Racks.  This means that when you get home from your outing, you can remove the bar by simply pushing a button and pulling it out.  We're you're ready to go again, it just clicks back in.
Adjustments to the leash mechanism are easy to do with no tools required.  Simply unscrew the end cap to access the springs inside.  And if you have multiple dogs of different sizes, you can use the snap in plastic spacers to quickly adjust the length of the leash without having to mess with the knot at the end.

The Dog Runner is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, with a 4mm paracord leash and plated clasp.  These are the same materials that are used in the MBB Surfboard Racks, so you can be assured of a long life for the product even if you live in a coastal environment. The Dog Runner is a great way to get in a quick evening run, or to get to your favorite beach, trailhead, or dog park.


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