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MBB Valet Racks

Our design team has been working bike valets since they were in middle school and seen just about every kind of bike parking rack conceivable. We set out to build a rack that was extremely compact so it could be easily stored and moved, including by bicycle! The racks are lightweight and easy to set up, we’re pretty excited about them.

Each rack opens up and supports about 8 bikes, but when the tubes are packed into themselves, you’ve got a rack that is only 2.5” X 2.5” by 60” long . . . and weighs just 11 lbs (a little over a lb per bike).  This makes it extremely easy to transport these on a bike trailer and store them in your very crowded storage space.  But we didn’t cut any corners on the rack function to get there – the tubes are all extruded aluminum, and assembly is quick and easy with no tools required.  We moved the support legs in from the end of the rack a bit to give you an extra spot to hang a bike at the end without having to navigate through the sea of handlebars and pedals in the middle.

MBB Valet Rack Installation



If you have the older Gen 2 style rack watch the video here.

Gen 1 style racks watch the video here.

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