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Bungee Cord Set (pair)

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ADD A SET OF BUNGEE CORDS TO ANY SURFBOARD RACK PURCHASE FOR ONLY $5. Just add both items to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied.

This is a pair of adjustable bungee cords that you can use for securing your board in any of the MBB surf racks, or the SUP/Kayak Trailer. They are adjustable in length, with max unstretched length at 26" / 65cm. The flat webbing style cord is about 3/4" / 18mm wide, which distributes load of the cord around the rail of your board.

We recommend hooking the adjustable side of the hook into the eyelet of the surf rack bars, pulling the cord over the top rail of your board, and then taking it over to the bike frame. Wrap it around a few times and hook it to itself or a part of the frame to secure it. Take care not to restrict any brake or shift cables with the bungee cords. This approach will pull the top rail of the board toward the center of the bike, which greatly improves stability while riding. Wrapping the cord around the bike a few times provides an alternate way to adjust tension in the cords vs using the adjustable buckles.

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